Leigh MichaelSunday,24 February 2013

The Snap:

After a ten year dry spell, The Postal Service has slipped back into action with a new song: “Tattered Line of String.” Although frontman Ben Gibbard “can’t say enough” that the band has no plans to make a second album, it hasn’t kept fans from some wishful thinking.

The band is currently on tour — check out whether they’re in your area here (judging by all the “Sold Outs” I’m seeing on there, clearly the band is far from passe).

The Download:

The Postal Service reminds me of high school. The memory association brings me back to lots of indie movies that I watched and pretended to like (and probably didn’t quite understand) and driving around in my first car, armed with my provisional license.

Listening to “Tattered Line of String” brings me back a decade – and it’s kind of fun. They’ve still got that poppy sound and Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, so it literally feels like the band hasn’t changed a bit since 2001. In some ways, GO THEM! I loved you when I was 16, and I still love you now!

But the evil monster of greed pops into my thought process, too. “Tattered Line of String” is really awesome, but I want more! It would be awesome to see The Postal Service kick off after a decade haitus with a crapload of new material.

The band is touring for the next four months, so I hope that the interwebs are peppered with some tantalizing new live pieces.

But if I step back from my “give me more, give me more” attitude — this is an awesome reunion, and the song is a blast to listen to; just like “Such Great Heights”, it’s got this way of getting you to hit the “repeat” button. Prepare yourselves for “Tattered Line of String” to get some well-deserved airtime on the radio.

Hat Tips:

Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Image Credit: Flickr

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