Matt HealeySunday,24 February 2013

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I used to read a blog called Kung-Fu Monkey. It was a raging liberal blog run by John Rodgers. He was a TV writer and created the show “Leverage.” One of his best articles was called “I Miss Republicans.” The point of the article was that the current Republicans had gone over the deep end, making discussions with them impossible. It was written during the W administration.

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John was right then and he is totally right now. I started looking into this based on an email comment about the “GOP optics problem.” The basic point of the comment was that when the commenter spoke with Fox “News” watchers, they could not even agree on the problem statement. So what is it about the current version of the evangelical christian party of god that makes my head spin? Especially because I was a Republican while growing up. Currently, I vote with the Democrats, but I want to be a Republican again. I just can’t because I think they are not really Republicans — they are the evangelical christian party of god. I find that this creates a problem because it leads to uniformed positions — like, climate change is not happening, evolution is a lie from the pit of hell, and women can not conceive a child when they have been raped.

These issues all seam easy to me. Look at the scientific data and the answer is clear. So why do evangelical christian party of god candidates take these positions? I suspect that it is because their constituents believe them. For that I have too look at the source of their information. This leads to one of the more biased networks on the air — Fox “News” (They are not the most biased, that honor goes to MSNBC). They do, however have the most misinformed audience. In the increasing drive for ratings, Fox appears to have sacrificed the truth for an ideological position, despite what the facts are. This should be intensely worrying to the GOP because News Corp. doesn’t care if they never win another election. They only care about the bottom line. If that means pushing the electorate further to the right to improve ratings, they will. But that will make the GOP candidates even more un-electable in the general election. As candidates continue to pander to the Fox “News” audience, the larger the percentage of Americans who accept Fox “News” opinions becomes. The views of the candidates then become are too extreme and uninformed for the general electorate, which will continue to abandon the GOP. The party’s popularity will continue to sink.

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