Joe GransingerSaturday,23 February 2013

The Snap:

DIIV (pronounced “Dive”) has just released a NSFW video for “Wait”, which appeared on their most recent album, “Oshin”. DIIV will be touring the US and a good chunk of Europe this spring, making stops at popular music festivals such as SXSW and Coachella.

The Download:

DIIV’s debut album gave us quite a few fantastic songs such as “Doused” and “How Long Have You Known,” both of which are still on heavy rotation in my iTunes library. I’ve never been a huge fan of the song “Wait,” but the video is certainly not an eyesore. Maybe it’s the elegant filming of the video, almost as if the entire thing was shot 20 years ago and through a soft Instagram filter. Or — and I’m thinking this is the real reason — it’s because it walks the fine line between a music video and softcore porn, and I really enjoy looking at naked women play with their boobs.

The main reason I love listening to DIIV is that they rely on their instruments a lot more than the majority of indie bands out today. They’re not trying to blow anyone away with amazing vocals or lyrics. More often than not, the music sets the story for the songs, and the lyrics themselves are pretty difficult to understand. But the music is what makes DIIV stand out from the crowd, and I enjoy the fact that they know this, and included a couple instrumental songs into the album – which are titled “Druun” and “Druun pt. II.”

Not only does their music sound good, it often dips into a spiritual and trance-like state, which is an added bonus in my book. DIIV’s album “Oshin” is available now on iTunes or Spotify, and if you’re in the mood to listen to a group of skilled musicians – which is becoming rarer every day – give them a listen and be pleasantly surprised.

Hat Tips:

Stereogum, DIIV, Image Credit: Flickr



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