Jackson MeadFriday,22 February 2013

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I started listening to Tegan and Sara since before Tower Records went out of business, which makes me one of their older fans. Nine years later, I am now probably one of their oldest. So, I a went to their concert at the Beacon Theater, on the 20th for the second of their shows, hoping to be transported back in time, to when their indie sound captured the angst of the Paul Martin or George W. Bush era. I was pleasantly surprised that most of the music they played was new(er) and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Download:

Before I get to the review, let’s get one thing straight; I am a fan of the greatest Canadian indie rock band – Rush. Yes, that is how old I am. I think Tegan and Sara have a shot of being what Rush has become and I hope I am around 45 years from now to see it. Most of last night’s crowd, young fans; hetro, homo, lesbo, black, white, brown and pink, should live long enough to see that day.

It is hard to review a band when you are a fan – if you like something, you like something, and it is hard to criticize it. Though I had some expectations of songs I wanted to hear (like “I Hear Noises” – perfect for the Beacon, considering the video) and was disappointed when I did not hear them, the songs they played more than made up for my disappointment.

They played every song (10 of 23 played) from their new album “Heartthrob”, which was released in January. I would think this a risky proposition, but it showed their confidence in their product. Besides, the audience loved it and already knew the songs as they sang along. Tegan and Sara have a following which they claim really got big after they released “The Con”. Could be that’s true, but I would think those people were fans of a more “indie” sound. However, last night’s fans as well as the band must be evolving because the songs on “Heartthrob” have a decidedly “pop” bent. They are catchy and like their earlier stuff, the beat can be easily lifted and smashed up by the likes of Tiesto and Mylo for the raves that Tegan mentioned. (The raver style is making a comeback, according to Tegan.)

Both Tegan and Sara also entertained the crowd with stories (anxiety dreams, past performances) and exchanges of quibbles (“are those lyrics you’re looking at?”, “you’re like the TV previews for next week’s show”) further cementing the fact that they identify and relate to their fan base. Their shout out to Cindy Lauper (in the crowd) and cover of Prince’s “When You Were Mine” was excellent. Which song was the best overall? Hard to say. Standouts were: “I Was a Fool” and “Closer” as well as their acoustic medley, accompanied by longtime band member Ted Gowan, played as their first encore.

Overall, it was a great show entertaining, reliable, relatable and fun and it left me wanting more. Now, if I can only get tickets to their next NYC appearance with Fun.!

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