Matt HealeyWednesday,20 February 2013

The Snap

Went to see “Stand Up Guys” a few days ago. This film has gotten a decidedly negative review from Rotten Tomatoes.

The Download

This was not a good movie. It did not try to tackle a difficult issue like Promised Land, nor did it cover a historic event like Argo. It was not an epic 3-hour Peter Jackson like any of the LOTR movies. It did not have excellent performances from the leading actors, or break out performances, like Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. It was not excellently written with an unpredictable plot like Memento or Fight Club. It will not be long remembered like In The Heat Of The Night.

But it was fun and I would recommend it, as long as you go in with the right expectations. This movie was a lot like TSD. I write for myself. If you like what I write, that is good. If you do not, that is good too. I feel like that is what Pacino, Walken and Arkin did with this movie. They made it to have fun. The plot was predictable, the jokes were predictable, and the ending was predictable. But it was fun to watch these three venerable actors make a movie that was for them to have fun with. If you like the actors and want to have some low impact fun, then you will enjoy this movie.

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