Shane BarnhillMonday,18 February 2013

The Snap:

Fans of Seinfeld are familiar with the phrase, “A show about nothing,” and that’s exactly what the TV show was. For all its fantastic dialogue and interesting characters, there was really no deep message behind the show. It wasn’t a commentary about politics, society, or anything else — it was just meant to amuse in a different way each week. Here are TSD, we usually strive to do the opposite. I know I do. Whether I’m suggesting that you give an emerging band a listen, making the case for a new app’s utility, or lamenting how sometimes “you have to work within the system, even though the system still sucks,” I usually write my posts to make a point.

This will not be one of those posts.

The Download:

So if you’re still reading along, with the hope that a great point is coming, then I’d suggest that you click away to read “Expiration Date,” by Adrienne Boettinger. She makes a great point about immigration in that article. I’m not really making the case for anything here; rather, I’m just trying to get something off of my chest in this space, because, well, I can.

Indeed, I was reminded of this truth from one of Matt Healey’s articles, in which Matt writes, “I guess there is no real point to this post but… the rules of this blog say I can write whatever I want, and I feel like complaining.”

Matt’s words popped into my head as I sat down today to reflect on the past week. It’s been a difficult week — one of the tougher ones of my life. I have been helping a loved one with a health-related issue, and it’s kept me away from TSD more than usual.  But the health of those we care about far outweighs striving for blogging consistency and picking out just the right pictures for articles.

So I’m typing these words, hoping that getting something — anything — down here will help me clear my head, assuage the pain of the past week, and return some sense of normalcy to my life.

And that is all. See, I warned you. A post about nothing. Although for me, with the week that I’ve just been through, perhaps it’s the start of something.

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