Joe GransingerSunday,17 February 2013

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House of Cards is a Netflix Original series that can only be viewed through the internet streaming service. While the IMDB Pro algorithm is interesting, to say the least, it has recently ranked House of Cards as the current “Most Popular TV Series.” That may not sound very impressive, until you see the list of shows that it’s beating.

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I’ve been a huge fan of Netflix ever since I realized cable may just be the biggest waste of money in the world. I personally think the entire business model of cable/satellite television is flawed, and it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing stations offered a la carte. While cable execs may deny it, the constantly rising costs of having 300+ channels – and 285 of them are garbage – isn’t worth the American average of $86 a month. However, I would spend $5 a month just for ESPN, which more than covers the cost of producing the channel, but they don’t want that.

When I first heard that Netflix was interested in making original content a few years back, I was thrilled. I honestly didn’t expect the quality to be this good, but I’m glad that it is. If you haven’t seen House of Cards yet, I recommend that you quit reading this and go watch a few episodes right now. I don’t want to delve too deep into the story or plot here, but I will say that Frank Underwood is one of the most badass characters around. Be prepared to dump a lot of time into the series, as the 13 episodes fly by quickly and it’s not hard to accidentally sit through five hours in one night.

What I’m most excited about is that Netflix is offering up quality programming for dirt cheap. I mean, $7.99 a month and I’m getting access to tens of thousands of shows on demand, AND original content? Good luck matching that, Comcast. The only problem I can see Netflix having while providing all this original content is that the monthly rate may need to go up, as it’s not cheap to create new shows. But if they continue at this pace, I’d be willing to throw a lot more money at them. And with the fourth season of Arrested Development on the way, as well as Dreamworks’ animated series, “Turbo: F.A.S.T.”, it doesn’t look like the quality will be dropping anytime soon.

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