Jackson MeadTuesday,12 February 2013

The Snap:

I like Google+ more than Facebook because there seems to be a better sense of decorum on G+ than on FB. Probably, this is due to the fact that no one uses G+ and as soon as it reaches the membership level of FB (hahaha), then propriety and decency will be absent there as well.

The Download:

Today, as in the old days, in the wardroom of a ship there are four things that are considered taboo conversation topics: politics, religion, sex / ladies and personal business affairs (if you’re a Navy man stationed on a ship in peacetime). These were the same topics that you wouldn’t bring up at the dinner table with your future in-laws or in another casual social setting. Why then is it that these topics seem to be the subject of a lot of the posts I see on FB? Maybe it’s just my friends, but I think that you people on FB have got to learn some manners!

What is it about FB that makes people want to tell EVERYONE about their sexual exploits (ok, dating), how Obama or Romney is a douche, how the Lord is their Shepherd and when their next seminar on how to make a million dollars is taking place? Is it the electronic medium that allows users to throw out any sense of decorum when posting on FB? The electronic nature — “the veil of abstraction” releases one of the obligation to adhere to the generally acceptable behaviours that one uses when one is with someone in person, it seems.

Well, this is a load of crap. If you would not strike up a casual conversation on same sex marriage or how Obama is not actually an American in person with every one of your friends, then don’t do it on FB. In some cases, I have seen the most even-keeled person go off on a long winded tirade on the most sensitive topic — probably offending the majority of their friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to see what my friends and acquaintances are up to; I won’t be offended by your posts and pictures about your latest vacation, your travel plans, your running into or fawning over Justin Timberlake, or your check in at the local watering hole. I just don’t want to hear about the other stuff. You’d think that FB could do something about that.

Actually, they probably could. FB should allow people to “tag” the topic of the post and allow other users to filter by topic. For example, you are about to post about your most recent annoyance with the Republicans, tag it as “politics” and those who have a filter set to block “politics” posts would never see it. In fact, I am sure that Google can do this today on G+ with a little coding. One probably wouldn’t even have to tag the post since Google could probably use some AI to determine what the post was about based on content, and filter it on the receiving end based on personal settings. (Another reason why I will continue to like G+ better.)

Don’t worry, besides Facebook there are places for your “taboo” posts. If you want to rant about Obama, write for The Snap Download. If you want to promote your husband’s latest karate seminar, post it on LinkedIn. If you want to tell everyone about your dating life, submit a profile on OKCupid. And, if you want to profess your faith, post it on any number of jihadi websites (just kidding – I am sure there are plenty “normal” religious websites perused by like-minded individuals).

One more thing: why do I have to change my “News Feed” to “Most Recent” from “Top Stories” everytime I log into Facebook? Facebook, stop effing changing my settings! I don’t care about what FB thinks I am interested in. I just want to see what my friends are up to, glance through the news feed — in chronological order, log off and go back to reading old copies of The Saturday Evening Post.

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