Matt HealeySaturday,9 February 2013

The Snap:

I saw this headline on CNN “Catholic hospital says it was ‘morally wrong’“. Finally a headline I agreed with. I think they are morally wrong on a whole host of issues. Same sex marriage, child abuse by priests, contreception, euthanasia, evolution, etc.

The Download:

Turns out this headline is about the defense that a catholic hospital that said they could not be sued for wrongfully death because a fetus is not a person. Hmmmm, isn’t the catholic church’s position was that life begins at conception? Turns out that the catholic position is what ever benefits them financially. This is not unique to the church, but what is unique is that they try to claim the moral high ground because they are doing the work of your imaginary friend.

Let’s review some of the church’s greatest hits for moral high ground. For the purpose of this article I am going to cross denominational boundaries because I tend to lump all of them together. This conversation can not start anywhere but the priest sex scandals. Remember Cardinal Law in Boston? He was the disgraced archbishop who covered up years of abuse of children. How did the church punish him, given its tough stance on child abuse? He was given a job in Rome for the Vatican. So is this more, or less hypocritical than that church’s fetus position? But that’s not all, of course. We currently have a similar situation in LA. Another archbishop is in trouble for covering up abuse of kids. Wow, it really looks like they are taking that stance on eleminating abuse seriously! This bishop – Mahony, said he was unequipped to deal with the abusive priests he inherited. Here is an idea — how about turning them over to the police? That is what most moral orginazations do.

But they must be better on drugs. Right? How about these headlines after a quick Google search ” Kevin Wallin, Connecticut Priest, Indicted In Suspected Crystal Meth …“, “Cyprus Church Priest Arrested For Drug Trafficking“, “Orthodox Christian Church blasts priest caught with drugs at airport.” So not good on the drug aspect either. So my question is, how come all headlines about religion do not include the phrase “morally wrong?”

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