Jackson MeadFriday,8 February 2013

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Gun enthusiasts and the “well regulated militia” – stop whining! There is plenty more wrong with the world and country and you should be worried about that stuff, rather than your toys. Face it, the US government will never take away your guns, so you are wasting everyone’s time and energy!

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The second amendment is secure. The government, the president or whatever sinister force you can conjure will never repeal it. Pat Leahy said as much during the recent gun control hearings, “Americans have the right to self-defense and to have guns in their homes to protect their families. No one can or will take those rights or our guns away. Second Amendment rights are the foundation on which our discussion rests. They are not at risk.” So what are you worried about?

No one is taking away your guns (the guns you lawfully own). If you have an AR-15 you will have it until you die, with it clenched in your cold dead hand as Charlton Heston envisioned, if you so desire. You just won’t be able to buy a new one or a Bush Master- and what is wrong with that? There are no valid arguments for having access to such firepower and even the second amendment has been interpreted not to support such arguments.

The SCOTUS has always sided with limiting the amount of firepower to which the civil “militia” has access. Further, argument that you need the assault weapons to fight the government in case they go off doing “bad things” – like suppressing your rights is ludicrous. If the government wanted to kill you (living being your ultimate right) no firepower you have access to can stop them from doing so. They will always have more firepower than us. Remember, Waco? I know you do.

Let’s think back to the period between 1994 – 2004 the time when we had the Federal Assault Weapons Ban in effect, which limited the types of weapons one can purchase. The Waco Seige happened about a year before the AWB went into effect and the men and women at Waco had assault weapons because they were able to purchase them. Did havings such weapons save them? No. Moreover, the AWB was not the slippery slope that many prophesized. For ten years the AWB was in effect with little if any impact on your ability to protect your homes, familes and hunt.

So, instead of worrying about the second amendment worry about the first amendment since the way the government can take away the rights listed therein is less obvious than taking away a material item like your rifle. Or better yet worry about education, housing, jobs, equal rights, your congress person and a whole host of other things that are real and matter more than the recreational activity of shooting guns and hunting.

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