Leigh MichaelThursday,7 February 2013

The Snap:

Earlier this week, Beach House released ‘Forever Still‘ in collaboration with The short film was shot over the course of a night (which should become pretty evident to you as you watch sunset >> starry night >> sunrise over the course of 25 minutes).

“Forever Still” was filmed in Tornillo, a pinprick of a town hugging the western border of Texas. Beach House clearly has a soft spot for Tornillo: they also recorded Bloom there.

“The Hours,” “Wishes,” “Wild,” and “Irene” all wind their way through the film, accented by the beautifully stark Texas wilderness.

The Download:

These guys own “chill.” They eat, sleep and breathe it. From Devotion to Bloom, Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand have provided hours of ethereal music that will send you into a trance.

Personally, I found that Beach House was a little hard for me to love. They were my musical A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man — much as I wanted to like them (and get them), I just didn’t. But where James Joyce has been delegated to live out the rest of his literary years on my bookshelf, Beach House has won the battle.

Basically, what I’m saying is: Beach House isn’t for everyone. It’s true: their music can begin to toe the line of “repetitive” sometimes (Flying Lotus certainly wasn’t feeling the love last year). And if you’ve been trying to like it but it’s just not clicking — maybe just chalk your relationship with them to two ships that pass in the night. You might just never find a way to love Beach House. And that’s okay.

If you are one of the many who think they’re musical geniuses, watch “Forever Still.” The duo clearly has a thing for the homemade approach to videos – they highlighted that penchant earlier in the year with ‘New Year‘.

It works. Yeah, it doesn’t succeed in being quite the conversation piece that other videos master (of Montreal’s “Sails Hermaphroditic”, anyone?). But Beach House is chill. And much as I hate using that word to describe anything — it’s sort of the only adjective that does the band justice.

On their website, Beach House explained that they were committed to “only participate in ‘promotional’ activities that [they] could control artistically and give substantial energy.” Their mission couldn’t be any clearer than in “Forever Still.” It’s simple, hypnotic, and stripped down — and that’s what Beach House is all about.

Hat Tips:

Pitchfork, Spin, Image Credit: Flickr


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