Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,5 February 2013

The Snap:

Imagine you’re an alien in a galaxy far, far away and Super Bowl 47 got beamed into your brain. What would you think about humans? Well, people obviously subsist on chips, soda and alcohol so if you’re a good alien, you’ll bring them as welcome gifts and if you’re a bad alien you’ll destroy all three. Maybe you’d also think that commentators’ brains are powered by electricity because when the lights went dim, so did they. But what would you think about male and female type humans?

The Download:

Those aliens would probably believe that men are superior beings, prone to violence and women are important for their looks and ability to entertain. How could they come to any other conclusion? The aliens might think that women are objects whose sole purpose is to make men happy. If you’re chuckling at the thought or God help you, saying, “hell yeah,” then know that When I am Queen of Everything, I will kick your ass.

I work in an office that is chock full of testosterone. Today I got to learn how Sunday was “the most masculine day in the year,” and the ads shouldn’t have “pandered” to “girls.” I believe that was in reference to the one ad that objectified men. I managed not to leap over the cube-farm to throttle him by breathing deeply and reminding myself that I sort of need my paycheck.

Although the Super Bowl shines a light on sexist ads, too many everyday ads are still sexist stereotypical pieces of crap. If it’s a commercial for detergent, meal preparation, diapers or anything “domestic,” guess who’s the star? If it’s for computers, cars, investments or anything “powerful,” guess who’s in those? The thing is these ads reflect reality. Looking unscientifically at a lot of the married people I know, when both spouses have full-time jobs I’d estimate that the wives do at least 75% of the housework and childrearing.  When their husbands “babysit” their own children or help fix dinner, they almost expect a parade.

Don’t get me wrong, I watched the game in its entirety and cheered for the Ravens until my dog hid upstairs. I have no desire to end the Super Bowl or fun as you know it. But the bottom line is objectifying women and espousing the idea that it’s-no-big-deal-it’s-just-guys-being-guys, these are the attitudes that lead to violent acts against women where crazily, women get blamed for bringing it on themselves.

When I am Queen of Everything, men and women will be made equally miserable by housework, men won’t be considered the brains while women can only be beautiful, those who perpetrate acts of violence against women will be struck down, and those that laugh/mock/roll-their-eyes saying that I probably have my period or that women take this shit too seriously, you better run because I’m coming at you bastards like a spider monkey.

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