Matt HealeyMonday,4 February 2013

The Snap:

The New York Times recently reveled that they had been under attack from Chinese hackers for the 4 months surrounding their articles on Chinese political corruption. The Chinese was very concerned about its reputation. This concern is pervasive throughout China. They routinely censor articles and media that they consider detrimental.

The Download:

Really China, this is what you are concerned with? You are worried that the world might think that your politicians might be corrupt? We already think they are corrupt and not because they are Chinese,  but because they are politicians. Look at what has happened in other countries. For corruption in the U.S. I would point you towards Eliot Spitzer, Rod Blagojevich, and Randy “Duke” Cunnigham. In France we have Eric Woerth. The UK even battled political scandal. So really, China, let it go.

And really, one of the reasons you crack down is to preserve your reputation? You know that one of the sources of the negative perception of China is that you are accused of pervasive hacking and excessive censorship. And you respond to by trying to hack an internationally known media organization? Have you ever heard the saying “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel?” You didn’t think that maybe they would go public with the story and further damage your reputation? Really?

Finally, you think that political scandal is going to do more damage to your image than the current air pollution situation in Beijing? You realize that you can not see the flags during the flag raising ceremony in Tienemman Square? If things keep up like this, then your citizens will not be able to see their feet. And trust me, your citizens are not that tall.

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Elliott Spitzer, Rod, Randy, France, UK, Beijing Air Pollution, Flag raising, Image Credit: Flickr

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