Matt HealeySunday,3 February 2013

The Snap:

Today the Super Bowl. Personally, I want the Baltimore Ravens to win. I hope it will be a competitive game. There are a bunch of compelling story lines, including Ray Lewis’ last game, Colin Kapernick (the backup QB who replaced San Francisco’s Alex Smith midway through the season), and the battle between the Harbaugh brothers.

The Download:

Admittedly, there are a few reasons to root against Baltimore. Most of them are centered around Ray Lewis. He is a controversial figure, as Joe Gransinger has outlined here. He is an awesome middle linebacker, but was also involved in a double homicide. He has been one of the most outspoken players in recent times, frequently saying what others will not. Personally, I like this, but then again I write for a blog that is committed to “Irreverence. Perspective. Brevity. Contrarian Thinking.” Regardless, I still want Baltimore to win, because I want the east coast team to win.

I also want San Francisco to lose. It may sound like this goes hand-in-hand with Baltimore winning, but it doesn’t. The reason is the team that I wanted to win the game is the New York Giants. But they’re not playing. At least they are not playing football, as they may be on the golf course.

So now it is about which team to root for. A lot goes into this type of choice. Which city annoys me more? Which of my friends are fans of the respective teams? Where are the cities located as I tend to want northeast teams to win? Is either team from Boston (because while I love the city, I hate its fans)? Taking all of this in account, Baltimore is my team today. San Francisco annoys me more than Baltimore, because you can get better sandwiches in Baltimore than you can in San Francisco. Baltimore is more of a northeast city than San Francisco. Most importantly, Dustin, a friend I used to work with, is a SF fan and last year I was able to send him a New York Giants’ NFC championship hat after they beat the 49ers, and I would love to be able to send him a Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl championship hat this year.

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