Joe GransingerSaturday,2 February 2013

The Snap:

Iron and Wine have released the first single – Lovers’ Revolution from their new album Ghost on Ghost, which is due out April 16th. Growing from a calm, folksy, indie vibe to his more recent style that featured flutes, pianos, horns and overall funkiness, the last album Kiss Each Other Clean proves, if anything, that Sam Beam is certainly evolving as an artist.

The Download:

A few years ago, Iron and Wine was one of the most played artists in my collection. Unfortunately, his latest release never really hit home with me. It took away the soft vocals that I love and replaced them with a more full-bodied sound, which ended up being kind of…. meh. While I’ve always prefered the previous attitude of Iron and Wine, there’s no doubting that Kiss Each Other Clean pushed him forward as a complete artist. And if the latest single is any indicator, the new album will do just the same.

Lovers’ Revolution features plenty of jazz influences right off the bat – which means a lot of horns and jaunty piano tunes. Not that those are bad things, but they certainly aren’t what I’ve come to expect (or want) from Iron and Wine. I actually really enjoy the new song, but I hope the whole album isn’t quite as jazzy or upbeat. I’ll be happy if the old, softer style of music makes an appearance or two on Ghost on Ghost, but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

In my mind, Iron and Wine can be broken into two different eras. Going from 2009 and back, you have an artist with a delicately soft voice, that sets an unbelievably calm mood with songs such as “Such Great Heights” and “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.” 2010 to the present has given us an evolving artist dabbling with new styles, and yielding songs like… well…  “Lovers’ Revolution.” The new single is a lot better than any of the songs from the entire last album, so that’s pretty much it so far. And while I’m not generally into the jazz/blues influenced style, it’s already growing on me and is quite catchy.

The good news is that Ghost on Ghost is already sounding a hell of a lot better than the last one did, and could shape up to be a fantastic little collection.

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