Matt HealeySaturday,2 February 2013

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There will be a significant number of people hosting Super Bowl parties tomorrow. Some of them will be hosted by real football fans who are there to watch the game. These will mainly be located in Baltimore and San Francisco. The vast majority of them, however will be held by football dilettante who are having a SB party as an event. They have little to no interest in the game.

The Download:

For those of you who are gong to host or attend a Super Bowl party I offer the following advice for the hosts.

1) Do not start the party too early. The game is scheduled to start at 6:30pm EST. It will likely last between 3 and 4 hours. If you start the party at 1 then you are looking at 8+ hours of food and beer. That is a bit much if your guests are like me and can not pace themselves. Start the event at 5:30 EST.

2) Understand that some of your guests will not be interested in the commercials. Some people will want to watch the game. I know this is a strange concept for the non-football fan, but it is true. From personal experience I can tell you that there is nothing more annoying than struggling to hear the game over the conversations of the guests and then being shusshed during the ads. If the party is going to be a Super Bowl commercial party, do not invite true football fans, or tell them the party will not be focused on the game.

3) Have a grid pool. If you do not know what a grid pool is, then see the description here. There is no skill required and it keeps people interested through out the entire game. Set the dollar limit for the bets low enough so you can sell all 100 squares.

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SB Facts, Grid pool, Image Credit: Flickr

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