Matt HealeyFriday,1 February 2013

The Snap:

I just finished reading “When God Talks Back” by T.M. Luhrmann. This is an anthropologist’s investigation into evangelical christians who claim to be able to have conversations with god. It takes a scientific approach to understanding this mindset.

The Download:

I am going to give this review 2 stars and 5 stars. Let’s start with the 2 star review. This was not a fun book to read. It was much more academic than I had hoped for. The book was too long and went into way too much minutia. This is not a problem if you are a fast reader, but I am not. So I found the concepts interesting, but by halfway through each chapter, I was becoming bored of the discussion. I wish that this book had been scaled down to move faster.

Now on to the 5 star review. This would make it a great book for someone looking to continue this research. It could easily serve as a text book for a graduate or senior level-class in sociology. The amount of detail provided is exceptional and it is an exhaustive study. It covers — in a fair and objective way — a phenomenon that is prevalent in the U.S. The author does, in fact, leave no stone unturned on this topic. It provided a huge amount of detail on the topic, and approached it is a fair and unbiased way.

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When God Talks Back, Image Credit: Flickr

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