Matt HealeyWednesday,30 January 2013

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I have been very critical of the Republican party. I have snarkily revered to them as the evangelical christian party of god. The reason for this is that I feel that they have strayed from being the party of limited government to a party that is almost exclusively focused on social issues that are driven by far right christian wing of the party. Furthermore, when they have focused on fiscal issues, the approach was a hard line “my way or the highway approach,” even on issues that should be above politics — like the debt ceiling and disaster relief.

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When an organization goes over the top, it needs to be criticized. When it shows signs of realizing that it has gone too far and is starting to change its tune, however, that needs to be commended. The Republicans are beginning to show they may have realized this. The most recent election may have helped with this realization. Recently the House, which at one point was dominated by Tea Party ideologues opposed to any compromise, agreed to extend the debt ceiling until after the Senate has submitted a budget. This means that the order of the fiscal topics for debate will be sequestration first, then the budget, and finally the debt ceiling. This is how it should work. There needs to be a debate on spending cuts since they are required. By arranging the debate this way, the discussion can be more rational, as it will not have to be held with a fiscal gun to congresses head. Let’s discuss spending cuts — rationally.

But it is not simply the fiscal changes. Tea Party members have been removed from plum committee posts. This has lead Fox News to ask if the Tea Party will be sidelined in 2013. Bobby Jindal recently took to the stage and announced that the Republicans can not be the stupid party. He is spot on. To be a major factor in politics requires fact- based decision making. Not relying on superstition that says the earth is 5,000 years old and was created in 6 days, or biased research that only supports predetermined conclusions (like global warming is not happening, because if it is it could hurt XOM profit margins). These are serious problems and require serious solutions that will be difficult. Both parties need to be rational for this to work. I hope this trend we are seeing will continue.

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