Matt HealeyMonday,28 January 2013

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Tweet: ” @VanessaAlvarez1 @ItsTheGrumpyCat: The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest.”

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Depending on your perspective, I am either unemployed or on sabbatical. I prefer sabbatical. Regardless, I have started discussions with possible employers. Due to non-compete agreements, I cannot start with a new employer until July, which means that I will have time to hike the Appalachian Trail this summer. This is giving me an opportunity to figure out what kind of job I want. I have had a few jobs that I was really excited about. I those situations, I totally disagree with @ItsTheGrumpyCat. When you really love what you do, then work is not work. It is not vacation, but it not drudgery. What I have discovered is that I belong in research. I had a conversation with a potential employer last week – anindustry analyst firm – and I thought it was one of the most interesting and fun interviews I have had. We had a great open exchange of ideas, cultures, challenges, etc. If you find that you really agree with @ItsTheGrumpyCat, I mean really agree, then get another job. Your job should not make you miserable.

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VanessaAlvarez1, Grumpy Cat

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