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The Thermals are set to release a new album later this year, and are also re-releasing their first three albums on limited edition vinyl. Describing their new album as “loud, fast, incredibly scary, and undeniably catchy”, it could be the final push they need to break into the more mainstream market they deserve.

The Download:

While the band has been together for over 10 years now, I wasn’t introduced to The Thermals until their 2009 album ‘Now We Can See’ started making the rounds online. The album was fantastic, but unfortunately didn’t receive the same amount of recognition as The Body, The Blood, The Machine did three years before, which made many “Top Albums of 2006” lists. Their latest release, Personal Life, continued the bands traditional sound of catchy indie-punk tunes with songs like “I Don’t Believe You” and “Never Listen To Me”.

The interesting part of the story for me is the re-release of the older albums in the form of records. I know a lot of bands are doing it nowadays and Jack White (my musical God) is a huge fan of the vinyl medium. He sold some (rare) awesome little record players back in his White Stripes days, so maybe I should hop on that bandwagon before it leaves town. I was a little too young (and not quite hipster enough now) to have experienced the sound of a good record in its glory days, but I think I’ll have to invest in a quality record player to see what all the commotion is about if this trend sticks around.

The new album should be interesting, though, as it’s promised to be a mix of styles from their previous albums – which are all pretty damn good. If you want to hear more of The Thermals before getting all hot-and-bothered by the new album, the entire discography is available for listen on Spotify and purchase on iTunes.

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