Joe GransingerWednesday,23 January 2013

The Snap:

Capital Cities is an indie-pop/electro-pop band from Los Angeles. There self-titled debut EP is out now, and their single “Safe and Sound” has reached #1 on the AltNation top-18. Their first full-length album is due out sometime later this year.

The Download:

Capital Cities reminds me a lot of MGMT, just on a much weaker acid trip. Vocals set on top of trippy electronic music and synthesizers are their specialty, and the majority of their music is upbeat with a happy vibe. Their current single, “Safe and Sound”, has been the flagship song on their most recent EP, and is starting to get major playtime throughout the country.

The duo – Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian – met in a strange fashion over Craigslist, as they were both jingle writers for commercials. Their marketable music eventually inspired a number of their songs, such as “Safe and Sound”, which was originally an ad for a brand of cola. Thank god that didn’t pan out, because I’d much rather listen to the song on Spotify than in between re-runs of How I Met Your Mother from my kitchen while I grab a snack during the commercial break.

The entire EP – which contains five tracks for a total of roughly 18 minutes – is solid, and there’s really no weak track out of the bunch. Obviously one of the songs is the main attraction here, but don’t exclude the others like “I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo”, “Love Away”, and “Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast”, all of which could stand on their own as quality singles.

I’m incredibly excited for the new album, and hope they release it sooner rather than later. The band also put out another EP titled “Kangaroo Court” about six months prior to their self-titled EP, but with only two songs on it (and a remix of each), it doesn’t add much to their collection in terms of quantity – even though it is a badass little collection.

I look forward to when this next album releases, and I’m about 90% sure I’ll be doing the same dance as the woman at 2:07 of the video below. Or, at least I’ll be trying to – I’m a pretty bad dancer.

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Capital Cities, ArmenianPulse, Image Credit: Flickr

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