Matt HealeyMonday,21 January 2013

The Snap:

Tweet: “@AdriniBot: Harbaugh bowl! HARBAUGH BOWL!!! Is it wrong that I’m chugging red wine during game? If so I don’t want to be right.”

The Download:

Personally, for me the Super Bowl is about watching football, not commercials, and so this is the match up I wanted to see. I think that Baltimore/San Francisco will produce a better game than the other possibilities. Not that Atlanta or New England were not good teams, but with Ray Lewis in his last game against Colin Kaepernick, I think that will make the game so much more interesting. Right now, I think, it will be Baltimore winning the game.

And no, chugging red wine is not wrong — as long as it not a really good bottle.

Hat Tips:

AdriniBot, Image Credit: Flickr

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