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Ray Lewis, a guaranteed future Hall of Famer, has done just about everything that’s possible at the linebacker position. After 17 years of playing in the NFL – including a Superbowl win and being voted to the Pro Bowl 12 times – he’s set to retire after this season, which could potentially end this weekend. While sports media praises him and his career whenever they get the chance; why doesn’t anyone seem to mention the double homicide that he was involved in?

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If you’ve tuned into ESPN lately, you’ve most likely heard the news about Ray Lewis and his retirement. One of the NFL greats, sure, but does he deserve the praise of “a great man… an unbelievable human being”? In 1999, he was accused of punching a pregnant woman in a bar. Seriously, what kind of douche punches a pregnant woman? But then again, I’m not sure that a pregnant woman should be drinking at a bar in the first place. Or, at all…

In 2000, he fled the scene of a double homicide outside of a nightclub in the back of a 40-foot Lincoln Navigator. He won’t tell police what really happened that night, he testified against his friends to get a better deal for himself, and he paid off the families of the victims in civil court for an undisclosed amount of money – and now he’s a free man. Am I missing something here? If there was ever any doubt about whether or not the rich can get away with murder, this is it – literally.

Now I’m all about redemption in America. Do a crime, pay your debts to society, and you’re fine with me. Except here’s the problem – Ray Lewis didn’t do any time for what happened. So how has everyone forgotten this part of Ray Lewis’ life? He’s never been a model citizen and has plenty of previous criminal history. I personally have mixed feelings about the guy. I feel sorry for a potentially innocent man accused of murder, but I’m pissed off because he could have stabbed the shit out of two men and got away with it on the basis that he’s a multi-millionaire.

However, this is now the same guy that started The Ray Lewis Foundation, a non-profit that helps economically disadvantaged kids with just about anything they need – and he also donates more to charity in one year than I’ll make in my entire life. He now gives motivational speeches to kids and teams, and the dude’s a preacher for god’s sake. It’s great he turned his life around and is now the definition of a model citizen, but I don’t think we should forget his past, either. While he may not have done any of the stabbing himself, he definitely knows facts about the murder of two people that he’s not willing to share.

So does a man that may (or may not) have been involved in a double homicide get his slate wiped clean for the impressive amount of charitable work he’s doing 13 years later? Who knows.

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