Matt HealeySaturday,19 January 2013

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Tweet: “@matteastwood: Naked-Image Scanners to Be Removed From U.S. Airports via @BloombergNews”

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I think we all can agree that the TSA is a disaster. The regulations are messed up and ineffective. The bans on e-readers during takeoff and landing makes no sense, as has been discussed by several organizations. The rest of the world is recognizing that you can make mobile phone calls from the plane with crashing it, but that sounds sciency and too advanced for the U.S. But we stick to our antiquated approach to regulations. This extends to our approach to security. If you leave the U.S. then you realize that our approach to security is messed up. We constantly overreact and deploy expensive technology for the sole purpose making people feel more secure without actually improving the situation. The only effect of this approach is to lengthen the lines at security and waste money.

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