Matt HealeyFriday,18 January 2013

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Tweet: “@financialnewz: APPLE HEADED FOR PROFIT DROP? #business”

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Apple shares have fallen from over $700 to closing at one point this past week at under $500. Clearly investors think that there are real problems at Apple. Personally, I suspect this is simply the natural evolution of the company. Apple is a company that tends to grab headlines and attention through a series of groundbreaking innovations, makes a ton of money and then fails to sustain the momentum for more than 5-7 years.

The reason for this is they refuse to open up the platform. Apple is a closed ecosystem. No other hardware companies can use iOS so hardware innovation is limited. Software developers are locked into the iTunes system and terms. Eventually this will lead to developers migrating to either Android or Windows phone. This has not happened yet as iOS is still the main development platform for mobile developers, but I suspect it will start in the 2-3 years. In the long run, I suspect that Android will do to iPhone what Microsoft Windows did to Apple in the 80s and 90s.

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  1. […] I don’t like Apple. Anyone who has read any of my tech posts knows that. The reason is two fold. The first is that I hate the cult following Apple has. I lump the Apple fans in with the worst of the evangelical fundamentalists. The other reason is that I hate the way Apple forces you to do things the way they want. The lack of ability to configure or modify your device so it fits you is severely limited because Apple relies on a closed system. Unfortunately I am seeing a similar trend in mobility with sites forcing me to their mobile site even though I have requested the full desktop site. The trend was pervasive enough that XKCD did a strip on it (see below). I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 specifically because it can handle most full websites. So let me get access to the full site. […]

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