Leigh MichaelThursday,17 January 2013

The Snap:

Local Natives have given us all a mighty treat for this gloomy January day. Earlier this week, they released a second track from their upcoming album, Hummingbird, which comes out 28 January (who’s pre-ordering?). You can listen to “Heavy Feet” here – and if you really can’t get enough of Kelcey Ayer’s beautifully morose warblings, hop over to KCRW to hear their live session.

Last month, Joe Gransinger discussed the first tantalizing slice of the Hummingbird pie that Local Natives fed their fans. “Breakers” felt…comfortable, like an extension of 2008’s Gorilla Manor – and the music video was a lot of fun (be sure to take a look at the dance moves at 1:14 – it never gets old).

The Download:

But to be honest, the song had me a little worried. Gorilla Manor is an awesome album, but I sometimes felt like I was listening to the same song over. And over. And over. If Local Natives have a fault, it would be that they seem lack variety now and then.

“Heavy Feet,” on the other hand, feels like a distinct departure from Local Natives’ older material. The band has always excelled in the lyrics department — I think that “Airplanes” will always remain one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve ever heard — and this single is no exception. The song has a poetic quality: It feels like it’s a narrative first, and a song second.

But they have also delved into a smoother, more refined sound. Where Gorilla Manor’s songs sometimes felt a bit unfinished, this track is an effortlessly polished gem. The band explains that Hummingbird was borne from “the highest highs and the lowest lows they had ever experienced together,” and “Heavy Feet” feels like a microcosm of that approach. The song ebbs and flows from quiet stanzas to thunderous crescendos. I can’t get enough of it.

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Local Natives, SoundCloud, Youtube, Joe Gransinger, Frenchkiss Records, Image Credit: Flickr

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