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The Snap:

Morning Parade is an alternative rock band from Essex, England that formed in 2007, and after troubles within the band, finally signed to a record label in 2010. Their debut album was released in mid-2012 with singles such as “Under the Stars”, “Headlights”, and “Us & Ourselves”. They’ve performed live on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, had singles featured on television shows and toured with The Smashing Pumpkins throughout America in 2012.

The Download:

Morning Parade features a soft and smooth alternative style – similar to bands like Snow Patrol, Keane, and even traces of 30 Seconds to Mars – that’s easy to listen to and even easier to enjoy. However, unlike the majority of bands today, Morning Parade doesn’t stick with the same sound in every song, and incorporates flashes of dance, rock and pop throughout the album, breaking the monotony that plagues many groups in today’s popular music *cough* Linkin Park *cough*.

One of their most popular singles, “Under the Stars”, features a calm intro that slowly grows into a wonderfully full song that gently morphs itself into a hybrid rock/dance mix that guarantees you’ll be bobbing your head to the synth. What I love most about the song is that it proves Morning Parade isn’t afraid to step outside of the box and try something different, which was clearly a good choice on their part.

Their single “Speechless” has recently received a lot of attention from it’s appearance on the show “Vampire Diaries”, which I assume is pretty damn similar to Twilight so I’ve never tried to watch it, but I’m glad that the band is finally getting some of the attention it deserves. A newly released acoustic version of the single is also available on iTunes, which is equally as good, if not better, than the original.

The entire album flows very nicely with a melancholy overtone that carries over to each song, and while I can’t say I’ll be rocking out to the album with a group of buddies, if you’re relaxing at home browsing the internet, it’s a solid collection of songs to listen to from beginning to end.

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Morning Parade, Image Credit: Flickr

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