Matt HealeyTuesday,15 January 2013

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I was thinking that the name of this post should have been “Why The Telcos Will Fail In Cloud.” We have recently relocated from Singapore back to the U.S. The process of relocating involves setting up cable, broadband, etc. Unfortunately, that requires dealing with the telcos. Personally the only institution that I would give a higher customer satisfaction rating to would be congress and they have an approval rating in the single digits.

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The problems start with the install process. The sales people who are taking the order have little-to-no tech knowledge. So they ask things like “Do you have a wireless router?” We answered “yes” because we have a Cisco Linksys router. What we do not have is a modem. But that is not what they asked. They then tell you when they will come over to install. In our case it was Wednesday between 8am and 5pm. Needless to say that is irritating. Then Wednesday comes. We get an automated phone message informing us that we can now connect to the web. Huh? How are we supposed to connect to the web with no modem? So we call customer non-service and are told that, after a 20 minute conversation about the compatibility of a Cisco router with Ethernet communications (during which I was told that Cisco routers are not comparable with broadband), the modem would ship tomorrow and would arrive in 1-3 days. This is why I fail to see how the telcos can compete in cloud. If I was a CIO, there is no way I would use a telco for anything other than commodity transport. Now the what would Ari do (see video below for examples)?

You want me to wait around for an entire fucking day? And this is what you think is good customer sat? If I did that to my clients they would tell me exactly what I am about to tell you: “Fuck off you piece of shit.” I have no choice and I have to deal with you, so I will, but for nothing beyond basic transport. Don’t fucking try to sell me cloud services. I can not or will not sign up for anything that I have to sit around for a entire day to get. And then you are so clueless that you can not even fulfill the order? One day now becomes what? No wonder WhatsApp and the other OTT players are kicking your ass. Because you fucking suck. Give up on cloud services. You clearly do not understand how to deal with customers who are not forced to use your services.

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Congress Approval RatingWhatsApp, Image Credit: Flickr

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