Leigh MichaelSunday,13 January 2013

The Snap:

The Shaky Hands have deprived us of a new album since 2009 (who’s counting?) – but there’s hope yet. Today, Daytrotter released a session with the Portland-based band. With four of their finest songs, this is a collection that will tide you over until they release Realms Out of Reach… someday.

(If you aren’t already a member of Daytrotter, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here. It’s worth it – the website is a veritable treasure trove of fun recordings.)

The Download:

The first time I listened to the Shaky Hands, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was this song, from their first self-titled album, that really got me hooked thanks to its distinct “garage band” vibe. Unlike most garage bands, however, these guys can really play. Lead singer Nicholas Delff’s voice is just weird enough to be memorable – without grating on you. Equal parts “I need a hug” despondent and “I ride motorcycles” gruff, he has some pipes that will get under your skin (in a good way).

Since the band formed in 2003, they have certainly evolved and morphed – they’ve lost five members, and gained almost as many. The Shaky Hands’ sound is a little bit smoother nowadays, but they still retain the low-key energy that will instantly remind you of the Velvet Underground or the Kinks.

Let It Die, released in 2009, was a knockout of an album, the kind that you’ll still be playing on your stereo a few decades from now. So I was thrilled to hear them record songs like “Allison and the Ancient Eyes” for this Daytrotter treat. The recordings aren’t radically different from the album’s versions, but it’s fun to listen to nonetheless.

I sort of feel like The Shaky Hands are playing hide-and-seek with the world. They don’t have a website, their Myspace and Facebook pages could use a little love. Let’s hope that the inactivity is due to their efforts to get Realms Out of Reach released ASAP.

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