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Known for their energetic live performances and the breakthrough of their sophomore album ‘Celebration Rock’, Japandroids are making their mark on the indie rock scene. While the band is fairly new to the mainstream market, they have plenty of offerings available on iTunes, including their latest album – which received a 9/10 from SPIN – and their debut album Post-Nothing.

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Continuing the trend from my last post on Cloud Nothings, if you’re into the happy, peace making, free-love style of indie music, Japandroids probably aren’t for you. They’re not afraid to bring the noise and certainly don’t conform to the softer side of indie’s standards. Then again, with lyrics like “And if they try to slow you down, tell ’em all to go to hell,” you should be able to figure that out on your own.

I’m a little bummed that the only place they’re touring for the next six months is overseas, because I would kill to see these guys live. Drummer David Prowse described their performances as “We just pummel people for 40 minutes straight, which is a lot of fun,” and that sounds exactly like a show I’d love to be at.

There were a lot of expectations with the release of ‘Celebration Rock’, as their debut album got a lot of praise from critics, specifically Pitchfork, which named it to the “Best New Music” category of 2011. Japandroids didn’t disappoint with the follow up album, as it was included in Rolling Stone’s Top-50 Albums of 2012, as well as the majority of other end-of-year lists out there. The band is often commended for its reckless sound and style, and I have to agree – they sound pretty chaotic in the majority of their songs, but in a good way.

The band only consists of two people – guitarist/vocals Brian King, and drummer/vocals David Prowse – but that doesn’t stop them from creating a loud, stadium-filling sound. The single “The House That Heaven Built” shows a lot of what the band can produce, with an amped-up guitar riff underneath anger-filled vocals and a catchy chorus; this is what Japandroids are all about.

And if anyone is looking to get rid of a few plane tickets to Australia when they’re playing the Laneway Festival, well… I certainly wouldn’t say no.

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