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Cloud Nothings put out the 6th best album last year – Attack on Memory – and are planning on releasing their fourth studio album in late 2013. Selected as “Best New Music” of 2012, tracks like “Fall In”, “No Future/No Past” and “Stay Useless” carry a wide variety of sounds throughout the track list.

The Download:

When I first heard Cloud Nothings early last year, I wasn’t sold on the band. They seemed like a Nirvana-rip-off 90’s grunge band that occasionally likes to throw a Green Day-esque song into the mix, but nothing special. However, the more I listened to the album, the more I started to actually see that they did have a sound of their own – and it was pretty damn good. Sure, some songs do sound like Kurt Cobain crawled out of the grave to record them with his signature raspy off-key vocals, and others bring me back to the Dookie days of Green Day (you know, when they were actually good), but more rough. What really stands true on the album is that they aren’t knock-offs or rip-offs of any other band out there. Their sound is one-of-a-kind.

When you quit comparing them to bands of the past and take them for a band of the present, the potential isn’t hard to see – especially in today’s music scene. One thing that I truly miss from indie rock is the ‘rock’ half of the genre, and Cloud Nothings seem determined to bring it back. Everything labeled “indie” today seems to lean more towards folk or indie-pop than rock, and that’s a shame. I realize that times change – and maybe true indie rock will never be back – but I now know how disco-lovers felt when the 80’s rolled in, or when teeny-bopping emo-bands tried to be punk and killed off the entire genre quicker than Good Charlotte could wipe off their eyeliner. And it sucks.

There’s something about 90’s grunge bands that bring me back to happier times – maybe it’s the ‘who gives a shit’ attitude that every band had, or the perfectly-flawed music and vocals of each artist that eventually became their trademark sounds. Whatever it is, Cloud Nothings have it and I love it. They act as a breath of fresh air in today’s incredibly light-hearted indie scene, and their upcoming album is set to be “noisier and less straightforward” than the previous releases – and that’s nothing but good news. Plus, you’ve gotta love a guy that writes his parents a seven page email explaining why he’s dropping out of college and pursuing music instead. Good choice.

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