Leigh MichaelFriday,4 January 2013

The Snap:

Yesterday, NME announced that Blunderbuss, the ambitious solo album by Jack White, sold a whopping 33,000 vinyls in 2012. Its success has effectively knocked the crown from the head of the Beatles, whose Abbey Road has held the title for the past three years.

Blunderbuss was released last April. Produced, written, and recorded by Jack White, the album is a bona fide one-man parade.

The Download:

I loved the White Stripes – I think it’s physically impossible to not have fun whenever Seven Nation Army comes on the stereo. I even liked them when they turned heads with their bizarre relationship talk.

(Are they brother and sister? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Husband and wife? WHO CARES.)

Bottom line: I liked the White Stripes because they were talented, not because they were weird. But all of the drama definitely gave them a bit more flavor.

But maybe that’s why people were so wowed by Blunderbuss. The album is varied and unique. I haven’t heard anything more beautiful than Love Interruption, the sensual duet between White and Ruby Amanfu, in a long time. Conversely, I rocked out to Sixteen Saltines far more often than I am willing to admit. But both songs definitely have a hearty dose of “weird” infused in them. Listen to the lyrics of “Love Interruption” and watch the “Sixteen Saltines” and you’ll get what I mean – trust me.

Jack White is arguably a musical genius: I mean, this is a guy who crooned – and acted – his way through blockbuster Cold Mountain while simultaneously creating rocker album Elephant. So is it really any surprise that Blunderbuss would grab the attention of so many?

He is also a vinyl enthusiast, who famously extolled the romantic quality of the medium. If you’ve got a record player and a few extra bucks, this is a case where it’s worth it to join the masses. Blunderbuss deserves to be enjoyed as a vinyl – and is it too bold for me to say that it’s about time Abbey Road takes a backseat for a few years?

* A little fun fact: A blunderbuss is an old-fashioned rifle, used in the 18th century. Feel free to add it to the “eclectic Jack White facts” archive.

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NME, Spin, Youtube, BBC, Image Credit: Flickr

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