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The Snap

Shane has started this and after the second post on “favorite posts from 2012,” I figured I would also comment on my favorite posts from of the year. To qualify for this list I had to either enjoy writing the post or reading it, and it could not have been mentioned in either of Shane’s lists (here’s the other one). I do have a preference for posts on politics and news. That does not mean I do not read the others, just personal preference. And since all of the music posts I enjoyed were covered in previous posts, none made the list.

The Download

I am going to list these in chronological order, which will explain why the early ones are mainly from me, Shane and Hanes.

Hanes Hallbirn really set the tone of the blog with his first post, DEAR REPUBLICANS: THE PEOPLE WHO REP YOU ARE BAT-SHIT CRAZY. Best quote: “Honestly, guys. What. The. Fuck.”

I have to call out the first posts in the series I am writing, so that would mean WHY AMERICA IS FUCKED PT. 1. Best quote: “Keep your unsupported beliefs to yourself and stop preventing the US from being able to compete on the global economic stage.”

In calling out these series, then I also have to include WHAT WOULD ARI DO PT. 1. Best quote: “Here is a fucking idea, read and answer your fucking email!”

I have wanted to write THE IT DEPARTMENT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INNOVATION for several years now, but have not had the opportunity. It could be expanded into a longer paper, but this is a short form blog. Best quote: “In these cases, the role of the IT department should be to build a platform that can support the innovation rather than be responsible for the innovation itself.”

I needed to find something that demonstrated the hypocrisy of China when I stumbled on an article about them being pissed off about IP theft, which lead to WHY AMERICA ISN’T FUCKED PT. 2. Best quote: “Kettle, I would like you to meet Pot, I think you will find you have a lot in common.”

IMAGINARY FRIENDS gave me the opportunity to finally throw off any feeling of constraint I’d felt. Best quote: “If the religious could demonstrate that they were capable of keeping their beliefs to themselves, then I would not feel the need to continually mock their imaginary friend.”

I wrote DONT TELL ME YOU “NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU” well before it was published. I published it after I left my most recent employer so that there would be no issues. Best quote: “If you think that your company needs people that think differently and will challenge the status quo, then you will never get them to work for you, because your culture is way too harsh on people who challenge.”

I enjoyed THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS because the concept of building a death star is interesting. I would love to have a death star. Best quote: “And spare me the ‘have a sense of humor’ commentary. This just isn’t funny. We have big problems to solve here, and the threat of a rebel alliance star fleet isn’t one of them.”

The snarky Snap Download feeling came through for me in EXCEPT WHEN WE NEED BIGGER GOVERNMENT. Best quote: “There are a couple of small problems with this approach. And by ‘small,’ I mean fucking enormous.”

I  enjoyed writing NEW YEARS FAILURES. I have really hated what happens at the gym every January. Best quote: “Then Wednesday will come and you will discover that cardio and weights are hard and you are sore. This is not a surprise given the last thing you lifted was a Dorrito; and regardless of how much onion dip you loaded onto it, it was still not that heavy.”

Sneaking in under the wire is WHO PUT THE ‘CON’ IN CONGRESS. I thought this one was good because it asked, “What is Congress actually supposed to do?” Best quote: “What is Congress actually supposed to do? Hold annoying press conferences, stall decision-making and run for reelection?”

Finally there was the Introduction to The Snap Download book written by Poz. It has to be on this list. The humorous intro filled with non sequitur alone is worth the $0.99 price of the book. Best quote “Maybe you’ll throw this virtual book across virtual room and hit your virtual cat. Bastard deserved it after virtually pissing all over your virtual bed and leaving that ungodly virtual stench.”

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