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Recently, I spent some time combing through The Snap Download’s page view statistics to compile our Top Ten Articles of 2012. All of those blog posts are strong and deserving of a place within the top ten. However, while looking through past posts, I was struck by some of the great work that didn’t make the list. Consequently, I’ve put together a list of a half-dozen articles that are worthy of your attention.

The Download:

For whatever reason, the articles listed below didn’t make our top ten list. Perhaps an article was released on a holiday, or there was an Apple event dominating news on the same day. Or maybe each one was just outside the top ten. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that each of these posts are really effing good, interesting, and highly recommended:

6. Why America Is Fucked, Pt. 8. Why aren’t all the details of the Republican and Democratic budget proposals out in the open? “I would love to be able to evaluate the claims from each side. Take a look at the actual proposals, read them, and figure out who is telling the truth and who is not. The problem is that you can not get the actual proposals. Do a Google search on them. You get 1 page press releases, twitter hashtags, and 10 column inch opinion articles. But you can not get to the actual proposals.”

5. M83 Introduces “Wait” Video To Complete Trilogy. An introduction to a mesmerizing video from M83. “At nearly 6 minutes long, this is a bit of a time investment – but trust me, it’s worth the experience. It’s trippy, it’s strange, and it might have you scratching your head at some points. But it also has a certain poignancy that I haven’t seen in a music video in years.”

4. ‘Tis The Season To Make Me Want To Slap You. Ugh. The War on Christmas. “To this, sir, I call shenanigans. I’m taking Christmas back from the holier than thous who want America to mean believing in the same things and celebrating the same way. That would be craptastically boring. And authoritarian. And not at all what our founding fathers and mothers wanted. So wish me Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or a Festivus for the Rest of Us and celebrate whatever and however you’d like.”

3. Are We Still Doing This Shit? It’s time to stop talking down to readers by chastising them for measuring followers and Likes in social media. “Look everyone — and I mean everyone, for all time, through the end of the world: We get it. Seriously, enough already. Nobody is pimping follower-building schemes to unwitting clients anymore, so you can rest easy now. There’s nobody left to warn. No more snake oil salesman parallels to draw. As a digital discipline, social media is now so mainstream that even conservative, techno-phobic business executives and green college graduates know when to call bullshit.”

2. People Eating In Cars, Away From Work. An odd subculture of people who just couldn’t stand to be around the office at lunch time. “We never got out of our cars. Never spoke with one another. And we rarely ever made eye contact. But somehow, we had a connection. I know that I felt part of something.”

1. NSFW. After I warned readers about a link in a post, but failed to warn them about other links to adult content, Matt posed an interesting question: “Has porn become so mainstream that it no longer requires the ‘NSFW’ label? Are we at the point where we can recognize that porn has existed forever and is not all evil? There have been studies that the adult industry has been responsible for many of the advances in tech including the VCR, on-line payment systems used by most retail sites, and all of the streaming technology used by sites like YouTube and Hulu.”

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