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You guys sure love listening to Indie music while drinking shots and reading about the Fiscal Cliff. At least that’s our takeaway here at The Snap Download, as we take a look back at what you enjoyed reading here over the course of 2012. You clicked ’em and we counted ’em — from band profiles, to gadget reviews and political rants.

The Download:

Here are our top ten most-read blogs posts of the year (although Matt Healey’s author page outranked most of these… he’s a popular guy):

10. Child’s Play: Hands On With The Microsoft Surface RT: A review of Microsoft’s first foray into tablets from a child’s perspective, because most gadget reviews “lack one critical element: the perspective of a child. And if you’ve ever seen a child walk into an Apple Store and interact with an iPad for the first time, then you understand what I mean. The best devices are compelling because of their simplicity. Even young children intuitively understand how to use them from the moment they first pick them up. But sadly, such simplicity is lacking from Microsoft’s first foray into tablets. At least that’s the verdict from my five year old son, who came along with me to test out the Surface RT…”

9. Memory Tapes New ‘Moments Of Songiness’: Memory Tapes will soon release a new entitled ‘Grace/Confusion,’ which will take a more experimental path than previous releases. “When asked in an interview about writing longer songs than normal, singer/songwriter Dayve Hawk replied with, ‘For me, I don’t view these as ‘songs,’ per se, I view them as moments of ‘songiness’ that exist in the context of bigger piece’. Uhh, I’m not even going to pretend like I know what the fuck he’s talking about here, but I can definitely appreciate the new style and idea of the album. So we’ll just leave it at that.”

8. Haters Gonna Hate: An Annapolis trolley operator recently gave up $50,000 a year so that he wouldn’t have to allow same-sex marriages on his trolley. To make matters worse, the Pope sent out some hatred in his Christmas cards. “Oh, wait. You mean that gay marriage doesn’t threaten our very existence? That’s right, you sanctimonious, un-Christian hatemongers; gay marriage is as threatening as a kindergarten full of Quakers.  Yes, I did just call the Pope un-Christian (and somewhere in Baltimore my mother weeps and says the rosary for her errant daughter).”

8. American Authors Tell Stories Through Music: Brooklyn-based American Authors have recently some new music, including ‘Believer’ and ‘Best Day of My Life’ as singles. “I’m honestly not sure why American Authors aren’t more popular than they are. Even with a kickass acoustic cover of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights’ in their inventory, American Authors’ original songs somehow manage to trump it completely with offerings like ‘Believer’, ‘Feels Like Yesterday’, ‘Walking Away’ and ‘Blowing Up’.”

6. You Can Fight The Machine: As Matt Healey prepares to take a year off and hike the Appalachian Trial, he runs into some resistance. “The problem is that despite an individual’s desire, society will not allow you to step outside of the norm. But since I am stubborn, I have decided that I am going to continue to fight this attitude. While I can not convince everyone, I can convince most, and all of the people I care about. So for the people who can not understand this, or can not accept it, fuck you. I really don’t care what you think.”

5. Keep An Eye On Them Swoops: Australian duo ‘Them Swoops’ has gained attention after the band’s debut single – Work Around It – broke into AltNation’s Alt-18. “Sprouting up from the musically gifted soil of down under, Them Swoops have been on the prowl of success with their new single. Inspired by worldly influences such as French pop, British rock, Australian psych and American soul, they break more than a few genres with their (self-described) ‘Sharp-fuzz guitar-psych wig-out explode-pop’ style of music.”

4. The Math Behind Secessionist Jackassery: After President Barack Obama’s re-election, extremist residents from all 50 states took to the White House’s “We The People” website and filed petitions to secede from the United States. “Perhaps our nation’s pro-secession buffoons should spend less time petitioning for independence, and more time cracking open their math textbooks. Then they could clearly see the illogical results of their emotionally-driven actions. But more importantly, they could make informed, intelligence arguments about fiscal restraint, tax policy, and deficit-reduction, all of which are important issues that our indivisible nation needs to tackle.”

3. Whose House Are They Representing? After the 2012 Congressional elections, there will be 81 female members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and 20 female Senators. “Still sounds like an underwhelming sausage fest to me. I don’t want to be the shrill ACLU card-carrying woman here but what in the hell will it take to get an actual representative Congress? Or maybe this Congress represents how difficult it remains for women to get positions of power in this country.”

2. Scientist Proves That Annoying The Shit Out Of People Is Good For Business: Dan Zarrella of HubSpot has released new data on the effectiveness of specific calls-to-action (CTAs) within Facebook. And what do the numbers show? “In a nutshell, asking fans to take action tends to work. Another way to look at this, of course, is that being an irritating pain in the ass on social networks is somehow good for business. Seriously. To me, all the “LIKE if you…” crap that I see on Facebook outranks even political ranting as an annoying behavior.”

1. Why I Want To Staple Things To John Boehner’s Head: This is the post that starting our running joke on the Fiscal Cliff Drinking Game, and it’s a good one. “In the interests of preventing my complete meltdown if I have to hear the words ‘Fiscal Cliff’ for the 85 millionth time, I think we need to get serious. No, not with urging Congressmen to actually do something other than hold press conferences… Here’s what I propose: every time a Congressman or a pundit uses the term ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ they must do a shot. Every time they say ‘So-called Fiscal Cliff,’ it costs them two shots.”

So there you have it. Our top ten posts of 2012. Happy New Year!

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