Leigh MichaelMonday,31 December 2012

The Snap:

Whenever New Years Eve looms on the horizon, I get to thinking about which albums really stuck out throughout the year. So it’s only natural that Here, the second album by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, should enter the dialogue.

The album, which was released last May, provided us all with some (much-needed) new material after Up From Below.

The Download:

I heard a few complaints about Here – namely, that while all of the songs were good, none of them stood out as singles. I think that this is a direct comparison to “Home,” which was met with explosive success when it debuted on their first album.

Humor me while I digress for a moment. When I first heard “Home,” my mind was blown. I felt like the song had bubbles of happiness attached to it — I couldn’t listen to the song without having a stupid grin on my face.

Then it was used in a few commercials. Then a few shows. Then on the radio. And then I couldn’t escape from listening to it.

So maybe that’s why I’m so in love with Here. The entire album has a smooth feel, as though all of the tracks are really just one big, mellow song. It has this quiet power that I love – which is no better epitomized than by “Man On Fire,” which has some seriously understated exuberance. Make sure you listen to the lyrics… I swear that frontman Alex Ebert’s mellow, trancy voice is the only thing that can make “I want the whole damn world / To come and dance with me” sound about as un-corny as possible.

(Also, do yourself a favor and give the song’s
Little Daylight Remix a listen – I like it even more than the original.)

But what really makes this album stand out if “Fiya Wata,” a soulful piece sung by Jade Castrinos, whose voice is a veritable force of nature. No, it doesn’t have the catchy essence that made “Home” so popular – but I feel okay with that. In fact, I feel great about it.

Look below to watch an Off the Avenue recording of “Fiya Wata.”

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