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Youngblood Hawke are a newly formed group that released a 5-track EP earlier this year, and are planning on a full length album in 2013. Their current single “We Come Running” peaked at #7 on the Alt Rock charts. The band just finished a tour with Passion Pit and is currently performing shows with Keane.

The Download:

Formed in Los Angeles last year, it hasn’t taken Youngblood Hawke very long to pick up momentum in the music scene. Their first EP “We Come Running” – available on iTunes for a hair over $4 – was released in August of 2012, which sent them from playing random gigs around California to signing a deal with Universal Republic Records nearly instantaneously. Video games and indie radio stations have given them national recognition as their single ‘We Come Running” has become quite popular nationwide.

To create Youngblood Hawke’s sound, they casually mix hints of rock, pop, indie and dance that all show up throughout the band’s songs. Their sound and look is very vintage – as are some of the videos – and I love it. They sound so natural, fun, and uplifting. And I mean extremely uplifting. If you’re ever feeling down, listen to ‘Forever’, ‘We Come Running’ or ‘Rootless‘. Instant mood picker-uppers.

This isn’t the first time around for some of the group mates, as two of them – Simon Kats and Sam Martin – were part of the band ‘Iglu & Hartly’ before it disbanded in 2011. What’s interesting is that when “In This City” came out, it was one of my favorite songs, but I never knew who it was by. I used to hear it all the time on SiriusXM, but the screen on my ghetto-ass $30 radio was always broken so I never knew who sang what songs. Regardless, it has the same uplifting vibe as the new group, so there are some definite similarities between the two bands.

In the end, however, I think the lifespan of Youngblood Hawke will last a lot longer than their previous attempts. They have no plans set in stone with the new group, and no agenda. They can focus on expressing themselves through the music, which they didn’t feel they could do in Iglu & Hartly. By learning from their mistakes, they can keep Youngblood Hawke on the right path for the future, which appears brighter than ever before.

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Youngblood Hawke, Billboard, Image Credit: Flickr

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