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Here at The Snap Download we like snarky. That’s part of what drew me to become a writer here along with the potential to rant about things that tick me off and institute new drinking games (Get ready for a double…so-called fiscal cliff). However, as I prepare to have drunken and/or overwrought conversations with family members around the Christmas tree about who emotionally scarred who more, I need a little pick-me-up. That is why I bring you 5 Things That Make Me Think We’re Not All Doomed.

The Download:

#5: Binders Full of Women. I know what you’re thinking, “Adrienne, you said you were going snark-free and yet your first item is a jab at former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.” Here is why: about a minute after he uttered those ill-fated words, a woman looking for a job created a Tumblr account and a meme was born. People piled on with wondrously creative posts. I like her resilience and I love watching the snarky innovations of Americans.

#4: Politicians Who Actually Do Things. I give our politicians, particularly those in Congress, a hard time because I think a lot of them deserve it. Unfortunately, we just lost one of the ones who was an outstanding example of how to serve your country, Senator Daniel Inoyue. But there are still some good ones around like Senator Barbara Mikulski—longest serving woman in Congress and 1st female head of Senate Appropriations and Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin—first openly gay Senator.

#3: Dogs Helping Soldiers. Okay, so dogs pretty much make everyone feel better. That’s why people took them to Newtown after the shooting, why people at the nursing home love to see my attention-seeking dog Charlie, and why veterans in Fayetteville love the visits from retired military dogs. Dogs do things that people cannot, like listen more than they talk and not ask anything of you other than to let them love you unconditionally.

#2: 26 Acts of Kindness. While many people’s reactions to what happened in Newtown was to run out and buy more gunshold an insane press conference, or complain on Facebook about all the people talking about what happened, others responded with acts of solidarity and kindness. NBC’s Ann Curry had the idea for people to commit 26 Acts of Kindness in honor of the victims. This is how you light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

#1: CNN Heroes of the Year. You can find heroes everywhere if you look hard enough. CNN awarded 10 remarkable human beings its Hero of the Year Award. Read their stories when it seems like the world is doomed. They’ll give you hope and hopefully inspire you to do something.

May your Christmases be merry, your Solstices bright, your Holidays happy, your New Year’s healthy and your Festivus festive! Read some of the top autocorrects of 2012 to your family members at dinner when things get tense; you’ll have eggnog coming out of your nose in no time.

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