Matt HealeySunday,23 December 2012

The Snap:

The NFL playoffs have not yet started. Some of the teams have been decided, but the picture is not yet complete. Yet I feel that there is something missing. The run up to the playoffs feels more enjoyable to me. There is not a feeling of visceral hatred the way there was last year. No all-consuming vitriol that overshadowed the games. I wonder what what is missing?

The Download:

Oh yeah, I know. There is no 24/7 coverage of a third rate QB who was able to exploit weak game plans and defensive coordinators who though he cold actually throw the ball. In other words, there is no Tim Tebow. There is no football reason he should have become the sensation he was. His passing accuracy has always sucked, and that is a major part of being a QB. Tebow is big and can run the ball, but there are few good running QBs in the NFL, and the others can actually throw the ball. He did win a few games in the 2011 season and a few of them in the last few min of the game. But he was not a good QB. In the games he won, he relied on the defensive changes that opened up the middle of the field for short passes. These are throws he can make. But that came to an end on December 18th, 2011, at Mile High Stadium against the New England Patriots. In that game, Tebow went 11/22 for 194 yards in a game his team lost 41-23. Not exactly close. Over his next 2 regular season games, Tebow would go 13/30 for 185 yards, 1 TD and 3 INT vs. Buffalo, and 6/22 for 60 yards and 1 INT vs. KC. Those numbers suck. And yet, he was on ESPN all the time.

It would appear, then, that there had to be another reason for his universal TV coverage in the past. The only thing that I can think of is that Tebow is a christian, and tells everyone about it at every opportunity. He would genuflect before his imaginary friend after every score. It became so ubiquitous that genuflecting soon became known as “Tebowing” (check out the end of the Hitler parody video below). Really? This became as irritating to me as the term “fiscal cliff” has become to Adrienne. It seems that the entire world wanted to support this loser because of a shared imaginary friend. Which is fine and I would not object if the coverage was limited to the 700 club. But it was on ESPN. Where they are supposed to discuss sports.

Keep your politics and religion out of my football. They are not two great tastes that go great together. The only upside to this entire disaster was Jimmy Fallon doing Tebowie. If you have not seen it, you really should.

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2011 Denver seasonTebowingJimmy Fallon, Image Credit: Flickr

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