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The Snap:

The Mouth of Ghosts is an alt-rock/trip-hop band formed in London in 2011. They currently have a 5-track EP available to purchase from their website – two of which are also available on iTunes. They are currently working on their next EP, and gave fans a taste of the new sound with a rough-edit version of “You Will Go”. The release date for their new EP is still unknown.

The Download:

With a beautifully haunting combination of Portishead, Evanescence, and a touch of Deftones and Flyleaf, The Mouth of Ghosts put themselves in the company of some big names. I’ve had the song ‘Digital Bath’ by Deftones in my ‘Sexy Time’ playlist for a long time, and this cover – which is available for the cost of your email address – might be changing that. Or, at the very least, joining it there if I can’t find the strength to delete the original.

I’ve always been a sucker for bands that have lead singers with delicately sexy voices, and vocalist Alla Seydalieva is no exception. Her voice screams nothing but sex appeal with notes that are soft, sensual and ethereal, yet powerful and controlled. It’s also not often that you hear a band utilize a solid bass line as well as this group, but it goes hand in hand with her voice and adds even more depth into their already layered sound.

Portishead’s ‘Roads’ has been in my personal ‘Top 10 Songs of All-Time’ for just about as long as I can remember, but The Mouth of Ghosts single ‘When the Sun Sets’ isn’t far from that level of quality. The similarities between the two bands are uncanny, which is a good thing, in my opinion. I’m not saying that this band is at the level that Portishead is/was, but I am saying that I believe they have the potential to get there eventually.

The Mouth of Ghosts current top singles are “When the Sun Sets” and “Patient”, both of which have videos to accompany them. What’s cool about the videos is that they were both shot with nothing but an iPhone, and if I didn’t just tell you that, you wouldn’t have been an able to notice. The final product looks just as good as any music video out there, and since most of the videos are shown with filters, it’s easy to cover up the lower-quality picture. And I’m all about avoiding pointless over-the-top production costs to do something as meaningless as a music video, so props to them for focusing the money where it should be – on the music.

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The Mouths of Ghosts, IRC, Image Credit: Flickr


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