TOP 5 SONGS OF 2012***

TOP 5 SONGS OF 2012***

Hanes HallbirnWednesday,19 December 2012

The Snap:

(*** = That I Would Never Have Heard Of Without The Internetz)

The end of the year is fast approaching, and thus, it’s time for everyone to post their obligatory listicles. As I take a look back on 2012, it’s striking to me how much of my knowledge about the world — including politics, technology, and popular culture — is derived from my time spent online. I stopped watching the evening news and listening to local radio a long time ago. In that way, I’m like a lot of people who now get their news from sources such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, and then head online to read trusted blogs for additional perspective.

The Download:

This applies to music discovery as well. I mainly listen to Indie music selections from the “radio” algorithms of Pandora and Spotify, but I’m also exposed to a lot of music via YouTube. In fact, without YouTube, and the tech blogs that embed its videos, I’d miss out on a lot of pop culture “classics” (yes, I know… I’m using that term very loosely, but whatevs).

So, to that end, here is my year-in-review list — The Top 5 Songs That I Would Never Have Heard Of Without The Internetz:

5. Gangnam Style, by Psy

Okay, okay, maybe I would have heard about this one even if I weren’t online all the time. Howard Stern talks a lot about Gangnam Style on his show, for example. Heck, even my mom asked me if I’d seen “that hilarious video by the Korean guy.” But chances are that I never would have taken to The Google to look up what they were talking about, so I’m giving credit to The Internetz for this one:

4. Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen

I resisted this one hard, correctly figuring that this song was some lame pop tune. But the endless stream of references to parody videos on Twitter finally convinced me to have a look at Carly Rae Jepsen’s music video. And I want to cut my ears off now I’m glad I did:

3. Sexy and I Know It, by LMFAO

Alright, so this is technically a 2011 video. But I’m not exactly an early adopter when it comes to pop music, and thus my exposure to LMFAO’s hit came early in 2012. By this time, my kid had already downloaded the song via iTunes and created a related channel on Pandora. Kids these days. Anyway, given my amazing sexiness, I pretty much consider this one my anthem (I wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah):

2. Somebody That I Used to Know, by Gotye

This song wasn’t released until early 2012 in the United States, despite being released elsewhere several months earlier. When I sing it aloud in the car while commuting to my fucked up freelance gigs, I replace Kimbra with Zooey Deschanel in my mind’s eye. Sorry, TMI. But anyway, kudos to Gotye for the artistic video:

5. #acking Off To Yo Facebook Pics, by Killer Krisma

If you’ve stuck with me to this point, then you deserve a hidden gem. And while it may be a stretch to call a video with over 700,000 views “hidden,” Killer Krisma’s semi-viral hit doesn’t have hundreds of millions of views like the songs listed above. All you need to know is that this kid did this video in a single take, without pre-writing anything, and made up lyrics such as, “If you take a picture with your booty out, Imma jack off to it.” You’re welcome:

So there you have it. The top 5 songs of 2012 that otherwise would have evaded my radar screen if they hadn’t become mainstays of Internet culture. I’m sure there are some other “classics” that should make a Best of 2012 list, however. So throw me some suggestions. What would you add?

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