Matt HealeyTuesday,18 December 2012

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Speculation has already begun on the presidential candidates for 2016. Much of the early speculation for the Democrats is focused on Hillary Clinton. The speculation for the evangelical chistian party of god is far more interesting as there are more possible candidates being talked about. They include Chris Christy, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindel, and even a return of Rick Perry. Personally I think that we have no idea who will end up getting the nomination. I say this because in 2004 no one though that anyone could beat Hillary Clinton and Rudy Gulliani and neither of them got the nomination.

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I do not mind the early speculation. After all, we need to do something to fill the 24-hour news cycle. I also think that the speculation helps the losing party as it is part of understanding why they lost. By trying on possible presidential candidates, they can start the process of figuring out how to sculpt the message to appeal to a wider audience, and also understand which parts of their platform need to be re-thought based on shifting public attitudes. I think all of this is healthy as it helps the parties grow and evolve. I also believe that it has started immediately after the election for as long as I have been alive. In other words, starting now is nothing new.

What is new is how public the process has become. Which leads to the stupidity of the U.S. press. A recent example was Barbara Walters’ interview with Chris Christie. Personally, I think interviewing Governor Christie would be so much fun. He is one of the most direct and blunt politicians out there. He also seems to me to be more of a pragmatist than an ideologue, which will likely doom him if he chooses to run for the evangelical christian party of god’s nomination. Regardless, in her infinite wisdom, Walters chose to ask him the following: “There are people who say you couldn’t be president because you’re so heavy.” This is horseshit for two reasons. First, what does his weight have to do with his ability to lead the country? Nothing. Leadership requires intelligence , charisma, the ability to delegate, decision making, integrity, empathy, honesty, character (as defined by Danny DeVito), and huge set of balls (aka ego). Now if he was trying to get onto the US Olympic track team as a marathon runner, then his weight might be an issue. But president, not so much. The second reason is that she is clearly a coward. Rather than ask “Are you too heavy to be president” she went with the “There are people who say…”. You see Governor, it is not me that thinks that, it is other people. Bull. If you think that his weight is a problem, step up and say it. You are being paid a ton of money, and are very popular reporter. Have a spine.

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Barbra Walters InterviewDefinition of Character, Wikimedia Commons

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