Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,18 December 2012

The Snap:

We need to arm kindergarteners. Wait, that might not be young enough. How about when a child develops advanced motor skills—maybe twoish—we arm him or her? I mean that’s what I took from the violence-hating NRA: more guns equal greater safety. So what if research from left-wingers like Harvard and Duke says hells no? Gimme my guns! In fact, if you dare to bring up the discussion of gun control, we will ruin you.

The Download:

I don’t know what kind of dirt the NRA has on politicians but damn, it must be good! How can one group be so effective at controlling political discussion for so long, particularly in the face of so many tragic mass shootings. The NRA should give seminars to other groups on how to effectively mobilize 4,000,000 members into stalling and blocking any meaningful discussion on weapons. Where will the NRA expand to next? Mandating gun ownership? Requiring all schools to have arsenals?

Of course, the NRA is not responsible for the sociopath who murdered 26 victims. He pulled the trigger, but we all need to shoulder some of this blame. Why haven’t we recognized that we are the only damn industrialized country that is this big of a pansy in letting gun lobbyists have their way? How do we not see that we are the only industrialized nation with laws this pitiful and gun deaths this plentiful? When will it finally be too much? When it’s a preschool? When it’s 1,000 kids at one time?

For my ammo-loving brethren who jump up and down saying, “what about that Chinese guy who stabbed all those kids with a knife – are we going to outlaw knives now,” I say give me a fucking break. The fact of the matter is that if Adam Lanza had a knife and not a gun, 26 people would not be dead now. None of the victims in China was severely injured. That’s not meant to diminish what happened in Henan as it was truly terrible and does resemble Sandy Hook in that some people are linking abysmal mental health care to these types of attacks. (Don’t worry—I won’t pass up a chance to rant about America’s mental health care later).

I’d like to think that the images we’ve seen and the nightmares of thinking this could happen to our own children would compel Americans to discuss—let alone act on—gun control. But since the main result of Friday’s slayings seems to be an unprecedented increase in gun sales, including the one that Lanza used in his despicable act, I doubt it.

Want to do something? The first is a link to express your support of gun control legislation and the other two links are to donate to the victims of Sandy Hook: signon.orgNewtown Youth and Family ServicesUnited Way of Western Connecticut.

Hat Tips:

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