Adrienne BoettingerFriday,14 December 2012

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Relationship experts, farmers, and the British are all recommending that singletons shake our jingle bells and get online for some yuletide romance. Apparently, this is the time of year when people are “emotionally available” (in other words, watching far too many Lifetime movies about finding true love at Christmas) and thus it’s the perfect time to start a relationship. They say we need to get a jumpstart on those New Year’s Resolutions so we won’t be alone eating chocolate fudge and vodka for dinner next New Year’s Eve in our pajamas, while our dog even looks fed up with the pity party.

The Download:

As someone who has tried 4 out of Google’s Top 10 Dating Websites of 2012, I feel uniquely qualified to say that rocking the dating scene during the holidays is perhaps not the smartest idea ever (or at least right up there with Congress deciding to let themselves leave early for the weekend rather than stop the—get your shots ready—FISCAL CLIFF). This season is fraught with peril in the form of insanely high expectations, parties featuring alcohol with eggs in it AND poisonous berries people are legally bound to kiss under, families being in town and thus available for awkward meet and greets, and the questions of “have we been on too many dates for us not to exchange gifts?” or “do I have to ring in the New Year’s with this freakshow?”

If you choose to ignore my advice, you have your pick of new and unique websites on which to meet your match in merriness. Some are even free (but remember you get what you pay for). On the last free dating website I tried, I met one man who looked like Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and another who hated handicapped people, seatbelts, and the poor. Still feel like giving it a try? These are some of the more interesting sites out there. (Disclaimer: I haven’t tried them. Yet): and Based on the premise that America’s political divide has reached epic proportions, you can now weed out conservatives or liberals based on your personal preferences. The videos alone are hysterical. Ok, this one isn’t that new but the stories are particularly heartwarming. GAH!! Someone needs to remove the Hallmark Channel from my TV before I end up joining this so I can live on the prairie, churning butter for my man! Do you think Ayn Rand is a genius for pointing out how much of a genius you are? Want to meet others who aren’t afraid to admit their wonderfulness and realize their full potential of awesomeness? This is the site for you. Please stay on there and don’t go to other sites where I might accidentally date you.

I’ll leave you with a site that I’m pretty sure is not legit, but it is in fact awesome:

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