Matt HealeyThursday,13 December 2012

The Snap:

I was looking through The New York Times this morning on my tablet and was informed by the organization that they no longer were supporting the version of the app I was using. This required an upgrade, which I did. Turns out that I like most of the new app, but given the title of this post you would be right in assuming that I do not like everything about it.

The Download:

The part that I hate has to do with the security. This is a problem I have with IT that never seems to go away. It has gotten better since I started using LastPass on the recommendation of @chrischristineson. But there are still problems. The first of these from the NYT is, if you are forcing me to migrate, you should migrate my username and password. They did not do this; the upgrade was a simple install of a brand new app with none of my information included. The second is fix your security so that I can actually log into the app. I went through the process of getting the user name and password from LastPass and entering them into the new app. It failed. So I went through the process of resetting the password (to the exact same one that I had been using) and re-entered it. Guess what? Still no access. So this calls for an Ari rant.

What the fuck is your god damn problem? I mean how inept is your IT department? First you force an upgrade and do not port the user information over. That should have been my first hint that you have no fucking idea what you are doing. Then you somehow make sure that even when I enter the info, I can’t get access to content that I AM PAYING FOR! Now if you were running a free site, this might be OK, but you are not. Do you known how I know this? BECAUSE I AM PAYING YOU EVERY MONTH! So, either your business model is to see how quickly you can drive your paying customers away, or you have changed the model to theft. Based on this you either got advice from McKinsey or Tony Soprano.

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NYT, LastPass, Chris Christiansen, Image Credit: Flickr

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