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The Chevin have performed live on ‘Conan’ and ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’, as well as being featured in FIFA13 and MLS promos on ESPN. After touring with Franz Ferdinand and the Airborne Toxic Event, two tracks from their recent album ‘Borderlands’ have made the Huffington Post Top 52 songs of 2012.

The Download: 

I’ve wanted to write about The Chevin since I first heard them a few months ago. I’ve probably listened to the song ‘Champion’ a thousand times while playing FIFA, and I still love it. And when some little punk-ass pre-teen kid on Xbox Live wins the match by scoring a last minute goal – after I spike my controller off the floor in anger – it feels damn good to hear this song and be reminded that yes, I *AM* a champion. Because, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little positive reinforcement every now and then?

I’ve been a big FIFA fan since the 2008 edition, and they seem to always have some kickass bands on their soundtracks. Some of the names I can think of are MGMT, Santigold, The Kooks, Grouplove, The Black Keys, LCD Soundsystem and Foster the People. It seems as though FIFA is now filling the role of introducing indie bands like the old Tony Hawk Pro Skater games of the early 2000’s did – which also had some pretty gnarly soundtracks.

Anyway, formed in 2010, The Chevin are a band hailing from Leeds, England, and are known on this side of the pond for their single ‘Champion’, which is constantly gaining airtime on radio stations nationwide. If you’re looking to get pumped up and ready to conquer the world, these guys can do it with their loud, stadium-filling sound that’s almost reminiscent of a rock band from the 1980’s. Not only are the vocals ridiculously powerful, but the entire ensemble is quite impressive.

The entire ‘Borderland’ album is pretty solid, and there isn’t a bad song on it. It does, however, have some standout songs such as ‘Drive’, ‘Borderland’, and of course, the show-stealing single, ‘Champion’. Don’t expect every song to have that high-energy rock-your-socks-off sound, though. Some of the slower-paced songs that mix it up are ‘So Long Summer’ and ‘Love Is Just a Game’, neither of which slouch in the quality department and still showcase plenty of talent.

I think David Letterman put it nicely after The Chevins performance on his show, where he said, “Are you kiddin’ me? Did you know that? Oh my God, that’s wonderful. Holy crap! Nice going!.. I mean, hell, if I had this guys voice I’d run for president, holy crap! Where did that come from!?”

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