Matt HealeyWednesday,12 December 2012

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We all have to deal with companies that provide some kind of service. This could range from cable companies to doctors. In general they are OK but in a lot of cases they can drive you insane. I was reminded of this because I have recently left my former company and am currently happily on sabbatical. The problem is that I have to deal with the old company’s payroll department to fight for my last check, in addition to the outsourced organization that deals with the employment passes for Singapore.

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The first issue has to do with the my employment pass being canceled. The organization that is responsible for processing the passes needs to arrange to collect the pass from me. I asked them to schedule a time to come by and get the pass. They said Monday, between 10:30am and Noon. I think this is bullshit. They expect me to sit around and wait for 90 minutes, so they might come by to collect it? NFW. When I schedule a meeting, I say the exact time I will show up. Not a 90 minute range, the exact fucking time. Because the person’s time that I am meeting is worth something. So, I have responded that I may or may not be here when they arrive, but if they were to provide an exact time, then I could give an exact answer. The problem is that they have a policy, which states that said they cannot specify a time. Yeah, well I have a fucking policy as well, it clearly states that you need to tell me exactly when you want to meet me, or I can not guarantee I will be there.

The second issue is with my former employer’s payroll dept. They also have a policy about when they process paychecks. It is on the 24th of the month. The problem is that they withheld my November check based on Singapore tax law. Singapore does not withhold taxes from your monthly check, but if you leave a company, then the company is required to withhold your last check, so that the government can calculate the taxes you owe and deduct the full amount from that check. That has now happened, and the remainder of my November pay is due to me, but the company will not pay it until they run the December payroll. Because they have a policy. Well, I want my November pay ASAP, because I have a policy as well. It clearly states that if you owe me money, then you have to pay, or I will go Stewie on your ass (see the Family Guy links below).

I am now thinking that I should make providers live up to the policies that they require their customers to live up to.

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