Leigh MichaelTuesday,11 December 2012

The Snap:

Alabama Shakes got together with Parisian music blog La Blogotheque to create a three-song Takeaway Show. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy any Takeaway Shows yet, look at them all here. In addition to “Goin to the Party” and “Boys and Girls,” Alabama Shakes debuted a new song, “Makin’ Me Itch.”

The Download:

Every time I watch a Takeaway Show, I feel like someone is giving me a spontaneous present. It’s an awesome opportunity to get to see any band perform outside the studio environment – and it’s also telling. Some of the shows make you realize just how much the artist/band relies on effects and editing to make their music sound like it does on the album.

When the Alabama Shakes announced that they had teamed up with La Blogotheque, I was at once conflicted between excitement and apprehension. I love this band, but their songs definitely have full-bodied feel on Boys and Girls. I needn’t have felt apprehensive – just like their album rocked my world, this Take Away Show did, too.

There are two parts to this production. First we have the music. Brittany Howard and Heath Fogg sort of left me wishing that they would make more songs with this raw, unfussy vibe. I think I’ve listened to Goin’ to the Party around fifteen times – and I’m not ashamed of it.

Then we’ve got the visuals. The video was filmed in black and white and has a gritty edge, the camera bobbing a little as it follows the Alabama Shakes wandering through the streets of Paris. It would have looked out of place any other way.

Hat Tips:

Youtube, La Blogotheque, Alabama Shakes Official Website, Image Credit: Flickr

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