Matt HealeyMonday,10 December 2012

The Snap:

This is a significant milestone. We have now reached 100 posts. We reached it in a very short amount of time, less than 3 months. I am very excited that we got hear because it means that the Kindle book will be coming out in a few weeks. I still have to finish the copy editing and had an excellent introduction written by Poz. When it is finalized, I will publish the link here. Regardless, I wanted to look back at the evolution of my posts.

The Download:

When I agreed to do this with Shane, I thought that it would be fun and I was right. This is fun. It is a good outlet for the things that I want to say. I have really like writing the “Why America Is/Isn’t Fucked” series and “What Would Ari Do?” series. I have tried to maintain a balance between various topics but I think that I have written too much abut news and politics and not enough about tech and social. Maybe I will work on more balance in the future. Maybe not.

As for the other parts of the blog, it looks like I have gone well beyond the goal of a post every week or two and have settled into a daily rhythm. I do not hold myself to that schedule though and if it become more or less frequent I will be fine with that. I also find that I like reading the posts from the other authors. I hope that the blog continues to grow and we get more authors. Regardless, I am still having fun with this and will continue despite the big personal changes since I started writing.

Hat Tips:

My Introduction, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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