Joe GransingerMonday,10 December 2012

The Snap:

Australian duo ‘Them Swoops’ have been gaining popularity after performing live shows with bands such as San Cisco and the Maccabees, while their debut single – Work Around It – had broken into AltNation’s Alt-18 for two straight weeks. The New Year will kick-off with a bang as they have an additional single scheduled for release in February, and their debut EP – Glimmers – planned for spring 2013.

The Download:

Sprouting up from the musically gifted soil of down under, Them Swoops have been on the prowl of success with their new single. Inspired by worldly influences such as French pop, British rock, Australian psych and American soul, they break more than a few genres with their (self-described) ‘Sharp-fuzz guitar-psych wig-out explode-pop’ style of music. With vocals eerily similar to that of Phoenix, and a catchy, upbeat vibe, the final product is something to savor. Unfortunately, all we’ve been given so far is a lone single, plus a few shitty unofficial fan-uploaded cellphone-quality videos of live performances.

It’s almost painful for me to write about this band right now because while I’m sitting here, gazing out into the frozen snowy abyss that we call Michigan in December, ‘Work Around It’ constantly reminds me that somewhere in the world, people are outdoors playing in the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather. This song is just taunting me with it’s sunny/beachy sound, and it pisses me off knowing that I won’t be able to leave my house for the next 5 months without putting on boots and a jacket.

However, with ‘Glimmers’ coming in the spring, I wouldn’t be surprised if it quickly becomes a must-have purchase of 2013. Their current single, which is catchier than a cold, is available for purchase on iTunes, but what I’m really looking forward to is just how large of a splash Them Swoops can make in the alternative music pool, because they certainly have the potential to make it big.

By the way, it was sunny and 86 fucking degrees in Melbourne today. We peaked at an icy 34. Arggh!

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Them Swoops, TripleJ, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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